PPN Fall Conference 2007

It’s always fun to go on a road trip. Especially if you’re traveling with a Rockstar. This time, we ended up in Grand Island, Nebraska. As beautiful as the state is, I’m wondering if there is anything other than corn that grows here. So, while Mike is down partying like a Rockstar, and Cody is chasing Bigfoot, I’ll update you on what’s been going on.

Anyways, sleep deprived as usual, the first thing we came across is this.

Rental cars usually leave you a bit of safety tip. This one got tossed to the back seat.

Breakfast. Mike’s.

Breakfast. Mine.

Nebraska is like, outdoor portrait heaven!

It’s hard to look gansta with two large Cokes from McDonalds in the center console…

3hrs later, we arrived at the Holiday Inn. The sign says Welcome Professional Photographers etc, etc, etc… The unleaded price is $2.95…

Free texture! Right click save as! Class coming up soon if you don’t know how to use it…

After check in we proceeded with a much needed 4 hour nap.

(No pics during nap time.)

After our 5 hour nap…yes, we overslept…we headed down to the center of the Holiday Inn where everyone was gathered.

In this heavy construction scene, you’ll see the product of creative engineering with cardboard, duct tape, scissors, brooms, rulers and photographer wit.

In case you were wondering, yes, they are dressed up as pirates. Well, some of them. What are they building? Boats.

The Commodore. Inspecting Her Majesty’s Royal Navy.

So, what were the boats used for? Pirates of the Grand Island, NE.

This one made it across the pool…I mean, treacherous shark infested waters sideways…

This boat took a dive. Titanic style. But the occupants made it to shore to finish the race.

Looks like they managed to salvage the boat as well. They also saved their mascot rubber chicken. Which we all know, is the single most important factor in any race. At least I think that’s a chicken…

Marketing is very important in the photography business. When an opportunity to advertise comes up, you take it. Especially on the side of a mighty cardboard pirate boat.

But sometimes, your venture fails. And you splash.


But you just have to pick yourself up and keep going.

But it’s hard to compete with seasoned pirates. Anyone want to turn this photo into one of those motivational teamwork posters? Oh, that’s a canonball, not a beachball….

Some ships were doomed to fail. After surviving 18 secs above water, this unfortunate crew faced the ever dangerous deep end of the pool. Without a lifeguard present.

Eventually the wreckage made it to the other side of the deep blue as the crew struggled to get their boat out of the water and finish the race.

This looks bad. Real bad. But it’s actually pure genius.

While others went above water, they went under, thus creating the first cardboard u-boat ever!

German engineering in action! Although I don’t believe either of them are german…

The statue for the best looking boat. Pancakes are a la carte.

Millers Lab sent Ted over to show support and double as a surf consultant.

If you’re wondering where the temporary tattoos went… Of course he’s going to deny it later…

Day Two: Day two is the actual speaking date. Again, following the streak, I slept in late while Mike started speaking at 9am.

Leftover eye patch from the shenanigans on the previous night.

Promoted from Rockstar to Executive?

Sharing the cover with Bryan Welsh, from Portland, on the PPN newsletter.

The speech!

Winding down after the 5 hr speaking engagements. This is probably the best part because the attendees get a quick Q&A/meet and greet session.

Yet another autograph session. “See you on MySpace! XOXOXOXO – Da’ Rockstar”

It’s funny that we spend over 7 hours on the road and air to get to Nebraska, only to eat at Texas T-Bone.

But it’s worth it because they have Road Kill on the menu.

Nebraska has been a blast! We’ve met some awesome people here. Very friendly, down to earth and big warm welcomes. But more importantly, these people know how to party. Big thanks out to Angie and Bob for setting up this event and finding
TriCoast on MySpace.

– Jordan


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