Finding Colors Workshop in Biloxi, MS

TriCoast got on the road in August for the Finding Colors Workshop in Biloxi, Mississippi. It was a short 4…5…8…13 hr drive to the Hard Rock Casino where we finally roosted down for the night.

One of the best parts of a workshop is the Road Trip through different states. You never know what you get to see. And sometimes the things you see, will make you turn the car around, dodge traffic, cut off tractors, fight off crickets, just so you can get a photo next to a bear crossing sign.

For all the curious, there is a tourist info across the street. Please be advised that the bears do have the right of way. And will pose if you have a pot of honey.

Our perilous driving conditions. Just so you know how much we love you guys!

Good thing we got on the right bridge…

Houma, LA. I think these guys need to work on some attractions. Maybe a carnival or circus. Like the ones with the sideshow that has bigfoot in a cage or a liger(my favoritest animal ever!!!), or the worlds tallest midget, and maybe a squirrel fish. I mean, it’s not like they have a shortage of lodging…

After Houma, we crossed over to the outskirts of New Orleans. Because of the severe thunderstorm/tsunami/big rain cloud like conditions, we seeked shelter in Bourget’s of the South.

Public Service Announcement. Don’t drive and shoot at the same time. This will happen. Unless of course you’re putting on makeup, while on the cellphone, and driving a manual shift.

Couple of the bikes in the showroom.

After Bourget’s, we headed straight to Bourbon St to meet up with a small group of photographers that were already enjoying the historical part of New Orleans.

Here’s Gerri. A Canadian. Hi Gerri!

Here’s Pete. A New Yorker. Demonstrating the Statue of Liberty pose. Well done Pete!

Here’s Mike. A Texan. Checking out that…er…package…

Pre-class tidbits 🙂 Remember, No Secrets!

I think Angel was ok with it…

Here’s Gerri. Again. Hi Gerri!

Here’s MyKey, showing off his My Key, at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, where all Rockstars stay.

Fanciest roll of toilet paper. Not exactly the softest though…

All this shenanigans were just day one…

Day two is the actual class day. The location is inside an old school house, slowly re-renovated and preserved. It’s a neat location, with lots of natural lighting shooting locations. But we’re not here about the natural lighting 😀

Later, we headed back to the Hotel after Dinner. Everyone wanted to take a nap after full belly. Even the model…

We took a group shot after she woke up.

Vacation snapshot.

And Day 3. Class. With a candygram.

Everyone wants to take photos “The Rockstar” 😀

Processing a Raw image.

Hope to see ya’ll at the next class!!!

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