LSPS Photo Shoot


Local favorite “LSPS”, formerly known as Lonestar Pornstar, is debuting their sophomore album end of August. Just like the first album, this one will be distributed worldwide as well. The new album took a different direction from their original sound. A bit more, attitude, metal, and rock.

The unmastered version of the album sounds awesome. I’m excited to check out the released version at the end of the month. This band is perhaps the most organized and structured that I’ve ever worked with. I believe this is all thanks to frontman Gregg Stegman. Weeks prior to the shoot, Greg worked with his band in creating the final image ranging from posing, wardrobe, make-up, budget and location. LSPS photo shoot was also sponsored by Juliet and Romeo Couture, providing the wardrobe and fashion styling.

The shoot was in an underground parking lot. Even without the heat of day, temperatures ran up to the stuffy high nineties. We shot five or six different sets which took about 5 mins max! But because of the wardrobe changes in between sets, it took a bit longer. Absolutely no complaints and I had great time.

I will also have to mention that the Radiopopper and wireless e-TTL played a massive role in the shoot. All I had to worry about was light placements. Thanks Kevin!


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